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Post  biggiesmalls on Wed Jan 02, 2008 8:17 pm

Welcome to Lumoria,We strive to be a nice up and coming linkshell where members can enjoy good chat and friendship,this linkshell was built on friends and will stay that way,this is a helpful linkshell recruiting all lvls so we can help the advancement through the game.We have rules and regulations but they are not strict as those found in a HNMLS.
1.No profanity or down grading other members of this shell.2.No sharing of this linkshells information (i.e ToD's)3.Do not take it upon yourself to make events for this shell as all events will be made by the leaders of the shell if u need or want to do a event contact a leader and he will post on the calendar the day and time of said event4.Once you are a member you can have other shells but do not think you can stay off this shell then come back when you need something done and expect the shell to assist you.5.If you need items (i.e Hakutaku Eye Cluster) you must be there to receive said items we will not farm for you while you do other things.
Those are just the bare minimum of the rules.

1.Regulations for this shell is simple you just want to have fun and get items and good game experience.

Drop Distribution

1.Drops will be distributed by job priority and request order meaning if ur requesting a item that a lvl.65 war can use and your war is only lvl 30 and another member that has requested the same item is lvl 70 the item will be given to the war with the required lvl to use the item,if u are the only person at the camp that is on the list you will receive the said item.
2.If you get the ToD of a NM you are the only person that will receive the said item from that particular NM.After you receive the ithem then the drop distribution will fall back to the job priority and request rule.
3.Items that drop from NM's that can be sold will go to the linkshell treasury to fund some of our up coming events.If you would like to receive one of the money drops you can put in a request and get the item at a lower cost to linkshell members.

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